Love stories in adult games

Because we are afraid of what is unknown, and if something is unknown, we consider it stupid. In popular belief, romances are cheap stories at the level of popular harlexins, which are designed for bored gomgos and are designed to enable them to experience a love adventure that they could not count on in the real world. However, romance is a very extensive genre, and love threads appear not only in harlekina, but also in the greatest works of world literature. For games it is similar: here we have both schematic mediocre going on the thinnest line of resistance, as well as good comedies or small masterpieces written by talented screenwriters. There are titles in which the story is of a very secondary meaning, as well as those in which the first violin plays, and the love thread is only (or until) an addition that colors it.


Anime games with LGBT culture

I liked it so much that I started wondering what I would have done if I actually met him. As you remember, this hero is a walking sweetness, and although he would most like to crunch it, he is also an adult man. And – most of all – a lover of cats. Those who know me know that I love cats perfectly. Dogs like too, but not as much as these enigmatic and graceful animals that can’t be learned to attach to the command. These are qualities that I also value in humans, so it’s no wonder I usually get along best with other kittens. One of them is my friend, who in both is as charming as the hero. And although we are close with each other, it’s always, but I always have a problem making him a suitable gift. Most manga gadgets for cat lovers are sweetener-like sugar top swaths, which doesn’t necessarily end up in masculine tastes – after all, not everyone’s poverty just what is “kawaii”.