Fun Eroge visual novels

Here, the True Route deserves special attention – a thread that bonds everything together. We learn from him that although behind the mysterious killings is photographer Tsukuyomi, he is not the only man in the town who did not know peace after death. The second is , the leader of the well-known boysband. He died as he drove through a bridge leading to the town – at one point he lost control of the vehicle and his car fell into the river, forever withdrawing the boy inside. And although it was at the scene of the accident at all times, Toa returned as a ghost. Parting with the world prevented him from wanting to appear in Okunezato and organize his first concert from his solo album.


Hentai games with kawaii waifus

I will honestly admit that Taimanin Asagi is probably the first hentai game I played, in which the protagonist herself bears responsibility for the tragedy in the past. Of course, she was a child at the time, so it’s hard to blame her, but I’m able to imagine how much pain she was able to do that if it weren’t for her decision to visit the abandoned estate, her friend would still have lived and the other would not be able to be able to vegetative plant. I sincerely hope that this is not the end of history and she will be able to find redemption and win the game for life.

I was left to discuss the last thread in the cinderella phenomenon game, this time belonging to the right knight in the shining armor. Like waifu’s story, we unlock it by completing other threads. I heard it was pretty good, so I had high hopes for him. How did it work out in practice?


Eroge Games about Pregnancy

The protagonist is still a jerkish and brave warrior, who in the depths of his heart dreams of starting a family and having children. And I’m not hiding that throughout the thread I wondered what he basically sees in sexy girl. The girl does absolutely nothing to show him that she likes him, behaves in an extremely idiotic way and tries hard to escape from him, explaining this to himself with concern for his welfare. She made me feel when, after being taken to the thresholds of ecstasy, she was shy and awkward, but I feel like the creators didn’t know what to do with her next. She is no-brainer and you can see in her creation a lot of no consequences, because otherwise it is impossible to explain her constant intransigo for what he did for her.