Love stories in adult games

Because we are afraid of what is unknown, and if something is unknown, we consider it stupid. In popular belief, romances are cheap stories at the level of popular harlexins, which are designed for bored gomgos and are designed to enable them to experience a love adventure that they could not count on in the real world. However, romance is a very extensive genre, and love threads appear not only in harlekina, but also in the greatest works of world literature. For games it is similar: here we have both schematic mediocre going on the thinnest line of resistance, as well as good comedies or small masterpieces written by talented screenwriters. There are titles in which the story is of a very secondary meaning, as well as those in which the first violin plays, and the love thread is only (or until) an addition that colors it.

The same is true for any other product of modern pop culture: there are good and weak albums of rock performers, good and weak novels fantastic, good and weak action movies. This seems obvious, and yet you can get the impression that romances on a good day are treated in a much more pejorative way – a bit like a book that stacks up on the shelf back to the wall so that by chance no one can see that we read them. And that, we liked the horror.

yaoi love story

One of the allegations that people who do not play in this type of production suprema is the hadness of the story itself. I will honestly admit that as an adolescent girl I did not suffer romantic threads in books for young people. They always seemed unrealistic, stupid and redrawn to me. I wanted to be secret and adventure, and i was celebrating my heroes with each other as much as last year’s snow. Then I thought I just didn’t like the love story – today I know that these were just poorly written stories and that putting a romantic thread in the game doesn’t stand at all in opposition to creating a good script. According to people who have not been in contact with interactive romances, productions from this genre are aimed at colouring the boring lives of women to whom they are addressed. According to the people who make them, the game is played to win, and in the case of hentai game online victory is a satisfying ending of a well-outlined story. Sometimes it’s so satisfying that after the show we still look into the monitor screen for a long time, and instead of mice we hold a handful of existential questions in our hands. As a person who for most of her life thought that there is no medium in this world better than a book, today With a clear conscience I write that there are games written better than books.

Another charge made at hentai is allegedly making unrealistic expectations towards men in women. This comes from the aforementioned conviction that in romance the characters are heavily ideed. Personally, I’m only able to agree with one thing – rather (to my personal dissatisfaction) we don’t have ugly characters in hentai, and the ones we have, will star in glitter more than Edward Cullen at noon. However, this is the end of the ignorance. Since hentai games consist mostly of dialogues, they must have appropriately outlined heroes. Heroes whose statements must carry the right emotional load. Given that we are not passive witnesses to events, and their participants, interaction with the characters in the game must be engaging on many levels. Sometimes they become a medium through which the creators play with the player, and I do not hide that it is an insanely enjoyable and rewarding experience. Contrary to what might be thought at first glance, we do not have a collection of knights in shiny armor here. Both the characters and personal stories of the heroes of such games can be completely twisted and unpredictable, and learning about their secrets is like unpacking a star gift. Virtually every player has their favorite characters, but this is not unique with the search for their qualities in real men. For example, I usually like characters with whom I would hit my slag in the real world after five minutes. From my observations, other players also prefer to fanthe protagonist, and treat themselves as simply observers of events.

It should also be added here that the well-written harem hentai game also has educational qualities. Heroes throw themselves in the midst of life storms and stumble on logs, which throws them under their feet not necessarily favorable fate. Sounds familiar? Of course – overcoming adversity is an old motif like the world, successfully used in the world of games, movies and books, and even in such a beautiful field of literature as therapeutic fairy tales. They are among the interactive stories of love that help cope with difficult childhood, incurable disease or a sense of rejection. There are those that encourage you to follow their dreams, add courage and teach difficult but responsible decisions. They show how to take care of the relationship when we are on a life bend. How to talk to each other, how to forgive yourself, how to dispose of selfishness, how to try to understand someone you seemingly can not like. Thanks to them, we have the opportunity to realize what we really value in the representatives of the opposite sex, what behaviors cause us to beat our hearts faster, and what they reject us (and contrary to what you might suppose, answers to these questions at all are not obvious). Sometimes we just spend our time with them and we have a groin, after all, good comedy is in this genre under abundance.