Sex during pregnancy

sex during pregnancy health

It is safe to have sex in a straight forward pregnancy. It won’t harm your baby as he is well cushioned in his amniotic sac and research has shown that it’s highly unlikely that penetration can rupture your membranes and cause your water to break.

The biggest challenge to having intercourse when you’re pregnant is accommodating your growing abdomen, but there’s no health reason why you should stop having sex. In fact, later in pregnancy, the uterine contractions of an orgasm can help prepare you for birth. Many couples enjoy the freedom of having sex without using any contraception or without
having to give thought to the consequences. You can also check various positions, recommended by love subreddits Reddit.

However, remember that you can still contract sexually transmitted diseases, so if this is a concern use a condom. Although sex is safe for your baby, it might not be all that comfortable for you, due to breast tenderness, cramping, nausea or increased fatigue. You might find gentle lovemaking more comfortable and you may need to adapt or experiment with different positions at various stages of your pregnancy. Many couples report that a side position works best of all, either facing or in spooning position with your partner behind you.

Many women experience swings in their sex drive during pregnancy. You may feel more sensitive due to the increased blood flow to the breasts and vagina, and the rise in progesterone and estrogen in your body, which can increase your libido. Your changing body might be incredibly exciting to your partner, or he might be too fearful of hurting.

Later in pregnancy, an orgasm can set off Braxton Hicks contractions. Don’t worry—this is a fairly common occurrence but if you’re uncomfortable, try slow, deep breathing or relaxation techniques until they pass.