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Here, the True Route deserves special attention – a thread that bonds everything together. We learn from him that although behind the mysterious killings is photographer Tsukuyomi, he is not the only man in the town who did not know peace after death. The second is , the leader of the well-known boysband. He died as he drove through a bridge leading to the town – at one point he lost control of the vehicle and his car fell into the river, forever withdrawing the boy inside. And although it was at the scene of the accident at all times, Toa returned as a ghost. Parting with the world prevented him from wanting to appear in Okunezato and organize his first concert from his solo album.

However, unlike other appearances, the boy does not suffer from blood lust, but rather suffers, but is able to overcome it when he is in our presence. No wonder, then, that he falls in love quickly, in addition to reciprocity. However, the truth about his true identity comes to light only during a peculiar game of mafia organized by the hotel staff. Toi’s story so much touches the hearts of the listeners that they decide to fulfill his request and do everything to make the concert come to fruition. For us, however, this is a difficult period. On the one hand, we are glad that we can do something for his beloved, on the other hand we know that this means death for him. Until the last minute, we hope that fate will smile at us and Toi will be returned life. However, certain rights cannot be circumvented and after the concert the boy dies. And I’m not hiding that even though I love this adult RPG (absolute sweetness in virtually every respect) and I cried on the end credits, I find this ending as the best in the whole game. Not only does it put a dot over “i” when it comes to explaining the intricacies of narratives, but it also provides a lot of emotions, and it’s the driving force behind every successful story about love.


However, it must be remembered that mixing the hentai species with a thriller is not an easy task and I believe that the creators did not fully cope with it. I had the impression that they were a little afraid to hold the player in uncertainty for a long time, as if they had coded that he would be looking for an affair first and foremost. As a result, feelings between the characters escalate quickly, and the protagonist behaves as if only the view of her chosen woman’s naked clan was needed to fall in love. As a result, until the more serious declarations, the characters do not actually experience anything that could make sense to bring them closer together. The heroes themselves are very fine, but their romantic threads have been treated a little after the machete and are not immersive enough to evoke the player’s feelings. Which is all the more surprising because the creators have created a lot of perfect opportunities for this occasion, but they simply did not use them. A good example here is hentai game (in my opinion the weakest in the whole Magic: the Gathering game), in which after a turbulent conversation with his father, the man tells us to get off his eyes and not stick his nose into them. If the heroine had returned to her classes and had a few days of interruption in constant lying to her beloved, the player would have felt a lot of uncertainty and was curious about the events that would come to the champions again.

Ines is also a unique failure when it comes to feelings. I find it hard to believe that he is older than the protagonist by eleven years. women, even very superficial ones. Meanwhile, our deputy commander in a red cup is behaved like a teenager who does not know what love is, can not confess feelings and red on just occasion. Sure, theoretically you can knock it down on his upbringing, but the guest has been in the adult RPG for many years and should learn a bit about people-to-people relationships, even from observing the convicts themselves and other hounds members who have no problems using the use of services of prostitutes. He could become a teacher and guide to the lost girl, who clearly can’t find himself in a new place, neither in a new situation nor in a world of his own feelings. He could, but he wasn’t. Another wasted potential.

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The featheredness of the male characters is, moreover, the main minus of this game. Ines behaves as if he couldn’t find his own with both hands, Fin always has a full chatter out of fear, Ulrik redto the sound of the word ‘love’ (with sex he probably would have gone down to the heart attack), and he makes up for everyone and is a slope without of the fires. The longer I play hentai magic the gathering, the more clearly I see how many things don’t work here and how much romantic potential went to waste. It’s a pity, because the story itself is interesting, and the universe is original and definitely worth knowing. I sincerely hope that I will still be given positively to surprise myself on the occasion of the next two threads and find something for myself in this game.

Unfortunately, this opportunity was immediately buried, because after a few seconds calls us again and apologizes for his outbreak, which actually buried the atmosphere caused by previous emotions. I also mentioned in the reviews of the individual paths that romantic threads are in extremely polite and limited to one-two kisses, a few ambiguous sentences and blush. For me personally, the love thread without any dose of attraction between characters is very superficial and incomplete, especially since there are many games on the market that deal well with this topic. On the other hand, it should be remembered that the game is 12+ age category, so it is intended for younger audiences and, for this reason, certain topics should not simply move.