Eroge Games about Pregnancy

The protagonist is still a jerkish and brave warrior, who in the depths of his heart dreams of starting a family and having children. And I’m not hiding that throughout the thread I wondered what he basically sees in sexy girl. The girl does absolutely nothing to show him that she likes him, behaves in an extremely idiotic way and tries hard to escape from him, explaining this to himself with concern for his welfare. She made me feel when, after being taken to the thresholds of ecstasy, she was shy and awkward, but I feel like the creators didn’t know what to do with her next. She is no-brainer and you can see in her creation a lot of no consequences, because otherwise it is impossible to explain her constant intransigo for what he did for her.

The scene that raised my pressure most was the one in which she decided to almost cry and accuse the foch, because she noticed how Harada gives some woman tips on how to reach the temple, and then proposes to move her there, because it’s already dark. Damn bright. Instead of enjoying himself in a peasant who cares for the weaker and is a true gentleman, it is better to decorate him with scenes of jealousy, because after all, surely on the first occasion he will betray us, so you have to watch it, and it is best to tie it on a leash and feed drying machines. It is so bad on so many levels that It’s hard for me to express it in words. Of course, when there is a confession of love and the official entry into a closer relationship, there is a sugar sipping each other from the beak and it is in such a quantity that you can really return the last meal. Seriously – at some point the game stopped focusing on the story, and instead, almost every scene used for sweet words of faith. I would appreciate it in many other games where there is no show of closeness between characters, but here it is at such a concentration that I almost increased insulin resistance.

anime pregnant girl

Another problem that I’ve ever faced with threads played in this hentai game is to approach the stepmom to the past of our heroes. I was terribly curious about why harada was actually going to commit a septum, and although somewhere there appeared to this reference, it was not much and did not arouse any emotions in me. I remember her saying that our hero was pulling demons of the past, only a pity that before the action in hentai gamehe apparently managed to release them for freedom. The guest has an obviously difficult past, which does not reflect on it, which makes his creation seem unlikely, downright too perfect. Even the alcohol with which our red-haired samurai had an obvious problem in the previous game is not a problem here. Oh, the guest likes to shave in three asss to shave himself like a real guy and he never once pays him even attention to it.

It should also be added that the this thread is one of two in which we go with our outreach to bed. However, I have to disappoint all lovers of spicy scenes from dogenzaki games – here it is very veiled. The whole story ends with our pregnancy and the release of little Haradziak into the world, which his fearless and brave father can not even take care of (ok, I know it’s all “He keeps crying! What should I do?” was supposed to be humorous, but after such a mature and mastered face, I would expect more). The very motive of pregnancy would be great if the creators wanted to develop it in the game itself. I would be happy to take on Yukimura, who must protect not only himself (which is poorly leaving), but also the heart-worn baby Harady. It is a pity that despite the rework possibilities, it was not decided, because the theme itself has great potential.

anime pregnant eroge game

Image is from the hentai game Marchen Nocturne

The creation of the main character deserves a pretty big plus. He fits into the stereotypical protagonist of top anime hentai games (shy silent mouse), but if necessary, she can take matters into his own hands and is not afraid to speak his own opinion. This is perhaps not the character of the heroine i recently reviewed Nutaku game, but she seems sympathetic and the chosen ones her heart do not have to pull her everywhere behind her like a bag of potatoes. In the end, it would be a question of whether it is worth reaching for it. I only have one thread behind me, so It’s hard for me at this stage to judge the whole game, but in my opinion it’s a very atmospheric production that will definitely appeal to lovers of secrets, suspense and disturbing, although not yet a horror climate. Personally, I can’t wait to play another path that I hope will bring me closer to solving the puzzles that wrap the picturesque pregnancy.

anime girl pregnant

That’s what you get for being a sweet hentai nymph. I wonder, who’s the father?

If I were to define this single word path, it would be a disappointment. The thread level is very different from this and I am now more than sure that other people were responsible for the scenario. Harada was one of my favorites, and I’m sorry when I see what fur coat was when creating his fate. I also do not hide that while I had a great time and it is a real way through torment for me and doesn’t make me any fun at all. I sincerely hope that everything will save Iby’s story. May it not just turn out that hope is a stupid mother.